note to self


note to self


flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

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typeverything:, Humble Pie Type by Danielle Evans

typeverything:, Humble Pie Type 




It’s like in the second to last gif the owl is saying “I got kissed by a really cute boy”

"…oh my" 

This owl is so beautiful??????!!

This owl is prettier than most people 

this owl gets it more than i do

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Online Store Opening Giveaway!!!

I´m holding a giveaway to celebrate the opening of my online store : )
Please check out my online store here
Orders made during first two weeks get a free gift!

Here is the list of the things you can win in the giveaway:

  • All of the four Pokémon sticker sets
  • A set of ten postcards
  • Kuki art book with exclusive prints or with seeds if the winner is from Finland
  • A tote bag with black print
  • The Yokai Trio brooches
  • Four watercolour prints: Spirit, Ningyo, Ghost tricks and Peach
  • Four 15cm x 15cm watercolour prints: Ghosts, Maneki neko, Tanuki and Moonlight Rabbit
  • First copy of my new comic book MEGABITE

Notes and reblogs count as votes. I offer worldwide shipping. The draw will end at 7:00 pm. UTC +2 (Finnish time) on Monday 18th of August and the winner will be announced in my blog but also keep your ask-boxes open so I can message you in person! : )

Thank you for looking and good luck everyone! : )

Because of the unexpected popularity of this giveaway I’ve decided to also pick five additional winners who will get a beautiful flower-themed glossy postcard set.

Also thank you everyone who have ordered from my online store this past week! I really appreciate your support! : )

Only 20 hours left to participate in the giveaway, winners will be announced tomorrow! 


{ night and day }


Tigers Jaw - Hum

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And in that moment, we were all Bolin.

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